The New QRadar UI


where to find

there are multiple ways to open the new UI. The easiest way is to open the QRadar sandwich menu and go down to "Try the New UI". Just click on it and the new dashboards will be shown. The alternative is to open IBM QRadar Assistant App from the shield logo in the upper right corner and click on the Open QRadar Analyst Workflow button. In both cases the new dashboard will show up with your latest settings.


what it looks like

it is completely up to you. The new GUI consists of multiple widgets that can be selected, resized, moved and shown in multiple preconfigured dashboards. The dashboards can be downloaded from the App Exchange depending on your needs. Predefined widgets can be selected in all dashboards just by clicking them (select button is shown) in the configure dashboard window. Please use the configure button in the upper right hand corner next to the share button.


how to make it even more productive

our use case defines a new widget called CRE 24h showing the metaevents that have been produced in 24h and resulted in the offenses shown.

how did we achieve that?

now at 1st we used the Create New Widget button shown in the 2nd screenshot. Click on it and a new window for New dashboard item will show up. In our sample we used an AQL search string to produce the new widget results.


using standard quick search for AQL based widgets

if you are not to famliar with AQL it doesnt matter at all. Just combine your quick search from the Log Activity tab with your desired filters for category, logsource etc. and use the Show AQL button from the edit search menu. Copy it to clipboard and insert it into your new widget. Gotcha!



whats left out so far

now you can search your new widget (make sure you used the save button) in the configure dashboard window and select it wherever you want it to show up. Functions described before are based on QRadar UI (1.4.0.) running on QRadar 7.4.2.FP 2. This is an early release and runs on QRadar console only. Colin Hay from IBM says "The new UI is intended to be converted to a standard extension in the first half of 2021 so it should be runnable on the App Host at that time."

Please double check at QRadar blog entry 17.February 2021