Fast track to ISO27002:2022


Fast track to ISO27002

ISO27002:2022 intro

things to know:
ISO27002:2022 was released in February 2022

• ISO 27002 defines base controls for many standards like BSI-G, BAIT, DSGVO, IT-SiG,TKG, KRITIS, KWG, NCCS, UWG

• ISO Family consists of ISO 27000, 27001, ISO 27005, ISO 27016, ISO 27017, ISO 27019, ISO 27011, ISO 27799 and many more

• it is the 3rd edition

you can access our 10 pager introduction directly from here!

BTW the official publisher for Germany, BEUTH in Berlin, does not have it in its portfolio yet - latest version is DIN EN ISO/IEC 27002:2017-06 state of Feb. 16th